Massachusetts Life

Hair Color Change/Orange Salon Review:

I decided to make a drastic change in my life… Going from blonde to brunette. I know it’s a scary thing, I’ve been blonde my whole life. Fingers crossed it goes well.
Since my family lives up here in Massachusetts I decided to get my hair done while home on Thanksgiving break. I went to the Orange Salon in Millbury, Massachusetts. It’s in the Blackstone Valley Shoppes. My appointment was with Alycia. Very nice woman that actually lives in the neighboring town of Whittensville. All I had to do was walk in, show her a picture of what I wanted and she told me step by step what she was planning and ta da! Of course part of the process was to Saran Wrap my head, but hey I’m going for a new look. All the ladies working were very cordial and even offered me a  complimentary beverage (hot tea, coffee, water, etc). The technique Alycia used to color my hair is called hair painting. Haha don’t you just love that concept?

Once my Saran Wrap hair was set, Alycia washed my hair and gave me a nice arm, hand and head message. It was so relaxing. She put some more product in my hair, gave it a quick blow dry and curl. I love it! I was afraid of how dark it was going to be when it was wet, but it dried lighter. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the salon. Nice people and definitely know what to do with hair! Be sure to Check them out if you are in the area.

Here is a shot a of my hair before, in the middle and after…


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