Roo and 1st Bark Box

The morning of September 24th Kyle, my boyfriend, finally decided enough was enough, he wanted to get a puppy. We had previously discussed the idea of getting a dog and I was always his bad cop, asking him questions about the benefit and if he was ready for the financial commitment. In the morning we went to the Galveston Humane Society (they are AMAZING). Kyle really loved a dog he had seen on the website. It was a silver colored pit bull mix. Seeing her at the shelter was so much fun for Kyle, he really liked the dog. Unfortunately the Galveston Humane Society just found out she did not play well with other dogs. This was a huge drawback due to the fact that Kyle lives in an apartment building with other tenants that have dogs. With this in mind he was very hesitant about adopting her. We went back to the “drawing board” to check out other shelters off the island on PetFinder.com to see if anything else peaked our interest. We had found a couple puppies at the Galveston County Animal Resource Center (be sure to check them out). I had picked out a little fluffy puppy online that said she was Collie mix. Kyle had picked a little boxer/pit mix puppy. We went to the shelter and I was determined to see the collie mix online, due to the poor quality photo. We walked through the pens of dogs and could not find the collie mix. Me being stressed out, Kyle asked a volunteer if they know where she was and showed them the photo online. Luckily they knew who we were looking for and brought her out for us. I immediately fell in love with the bundle of joy.


We decided right then and there we adopted her. The shelter was kind enough to check for all of her puppy shots, micro-chip her and set an appointment more locally for her to be spayed. When taking her home she drooled all over me in the front seat. img_7563

We went to PetSmart on the Island to pick up the essentials (i.e. bed, food, dog tag, etc.). We discussed what to name her on the ride home and chose the name Roo (like kangaroo). Short, sweet and only one syllable. We were unsure if she was house trained, so we made sure to take her out every few hours. She at first was timid, but still playful.

Around other dogs she was such a chicken. She made us both laugh. We hoped eventually she would grow into her long tongue and personality. Roo has been such a joy to be around and we have had fun times with her at the beach. imgp9958

I had heard of the company Bark Box (check them out). Referral Link: https://www.barkbox.com/r/20VQFH5H6I

You get one month free with your subscription! They send out treats and dog toys made in the USA. Our first box came right before Thanksgiving. We recevied two toys and three bags of treats. Roo loved her box!

She took the toys out right away and thoroughly enjoyed her treats. We can’t wait for the next box in December. Kyle and I have tried to figure out Roo’s breed mix. The shelter said she was a collie mix, which we can see, be I did some research and the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever looks eerily similar to her. I any of ya’ll have ideas of what she could be please leave a comment! We have been thinking of doing a doggie DNA test (such as Embark). I love the process of adoption. Don’t Shop, Adopt! You really are able to provide an animal a much needed home. I have been volunteering with the Galveston Humane Society for years and am proud to say I love the work they do within the community.



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