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Island Christmas

For Christmas this year I thought it would be fun to not have a traditional Christmas Tree. Instead of a traditional tree, we would use a small palm tree. Down in Galveston, TX the temperatures never get below freezing and in the time that I have been here, we’ve never had snow. I think it’s different to celebrate Christmas on an Island, but why not enjoy the trend and purchase a palm tree as a Christmas tree. Kyle and I found everything we needed at Home Depot and Target. We purchased a tree, wooden box, white paint, sand, lights and ornaments at Home Depot. At Target we got a couple more ornaments, ribbon, and two characters from the movie Moana, to make it a little beachier. The shells we found walking the Galveston Island Beach. After painting the box white, we potted the tree using a mix of potting and garden soil. We made sure to water the tree after planting. After watering, we placed sand on top of the soil. Strung the lights around the box and tree, constructed a bow out of red ribbon and hung the ornaments. We found some shells a few days later and stuck them in the sand. Our dog Roo kept sniffing the tree and wanted to play with the ornaments. I liked to say it turned out pretty good for a palm tree.


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