New Year

Top 5 Goals for 2017

After reflecting on the top five things I learned in 2016, I figured I really don’t like the term New Years Resolutions because they have a negative connotation of never being achieved, so I’m just gonna list my five goals.

1) Lose Weight
Now I didn’t put a number on this because it’s not only about losing weight, but being healthy, exercising and eating right. I’ve already started doing this and hope to continue in the new year! I will be purchasing of a bike to help me with this goal.

2) Be Positive
I have started focusing on the the positives in my life, but I really need to push myself into continue this thought process in 2017. This is going to be especially hard for me when facing majors decisions about my future once I graduate from University.

3) Get Outside
I plan to become an avid camper and hiker. I already have a camping trip planned in January! Growing up driving cross country camping, I want to revisit those happy memories of my life. I want to do all things outdoors in 2017 to properly appreciate the beauty of our plant Earth.

4) Follow my Dreams
I am very interested in attending graduate school in New Zealand, but it’s quite a ways away from the States and expensive. It has been my dream to attend graduate school there since I took a short term study abroad course in New Zealand. I fell in love with the place and hope to fulfill my dreams of one day returning to further my schooling. I want to never be afraid of the uncertainties of life and JUST DO IT.

5) Get Back into Music
I have played the violin for over 11 years now and have recently stopped due to lack of time because of my studying obsession. I plan on picking it up again, along with my guitar and singing. Perhaps in my free time I’ll record song covers to post on YouTube. And I know this isn’t music related, but I also want to get back into painting.

Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. Only the Lord knows our true paths in life and we are just trying to follow along. Be true to yourself and never let anyone stop you!

Peace & Love


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