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Top 6 Must See Places in Kaikoura, New Zealand

I was in Kaikoura, New Zealand from 2014 going into 2015. I was there for a course with my University. Here is a short list of local activities that if you go to New Zealand, you must do/see. 

  1. Maori Tours

An insight into Maori people and their way of life….


2. Ohau Point Seal Colony

Ohau Point Seal Colony is a major area for the congregation of a large colony of New Zealand Fur Seals.

3. Ohau Waterfall

Ohau Stream Walk is a short walk Ohau stream and perhaps if its the right season you can see seal pups swimming under the waterfall.

4. Dolphin Encounter

Encounter Kaikoura is a locally owned business that allow for visitors to ‘swim with dolphins’.

5. Peninsula Walk

A 7 mile walk enjoying clifftop views of the sea and mountains. imgp6565editimgp6689-edit

6. Water Tower/Kaikoura Lookout

On top of a hillside is a water tower with this view.

For the course I made a music video about my dolphin project.


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