Top 8 Reasons to Get a Dog


Dogs are called “Man’s Best Friend” for a reason. They will be by your side and will follow you where-ever you will go. They understand they can’t live without you, whether that is because you feed them or provide them shelter. I like to think that dogs seriously enjoy our company.


2. Never Lonely

Like I said previously, dogs will follow you where-ever you go. With another life consistently around, you are never lonely. When growing up puppies require lots of attention, which means you are needed by their side ALWAYS.


3. Teaches you responsibility

With the care of another life comes responsibility. Many people assume that caring for a dog is easy, but don’t think of all the maintenance that comes with them. Vets visits, proper vaccination, consistent mealtimes, and of course taking the puppy outside to establish a bathroom time routine, all are responsibilities to carefully consider when getting a dog.


4. Great with Kids

Many breeds of dogs are wonderful with children. Be sure to research which breeds are better with younger vs. older children. Going along with my previous point; dogs can also teach kids responsibility.


5. Forever Loved

Dogs seem to be happy everyday when you come home to them. They jump at you and try to lick your face off to show you they care. With a dog you know you are loved forever.


6. Adoption

Adopt Don’t Shop! I firmly believe that adoption is the best way to go about getting a dog. While it may be good to start training when they are just puppies, an old dog can still learn new tricks. Many shelter dogs desperately need a home or else they will be put down. Shelter dogs would still love you just as must a breeder’s puppy because you gave them a home. Saying from experience, adopting a shelter dog is the happiest experience for you and for the cute dog/puppy.


7. Fitness

Many dogs need a substantial amount of exercise to maintain a healthy physique. Getting a dog will allow for you to get the daily exercise you need too. I’m not saying to run a marathon with a dog, just a brisk 30 min. walk should do the trick to keep owner and pooch healthy. Researchers have found that being healthy increases happiness and can reduce stress.


8. Can Save your Life

Many dogs can be trained to detect abnormalities in human behavior. Whether that is detecting low blood sugar for diabetics or calming down a mentally handicapped person. Dogs can be trained to help soldiers with PTSD, help blind people get around, and can be used as therapy dogs for hospitals, trauma victims and anxiety (just to name a few). Psychologically dogs have a beneficial effect on use humans and let’s face it… You can’t resist that cute face.


Thanks to Kyle for some of these photos!


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