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New Year New Me!

The year of 2017 is going to be my year of becoming fit and healthy. I have recently bought an $80 bike from Walmart and have been going on seven mile bike rides three times in the past week. I have been running/walking my dog on the Seawall a couple times a week. I feel an improvement in my body, I have more energy, and I hope to easily lose weight by following through with working out the entire year.

I will say it has been hard to fit in time between my course load, work and lab research, but I’ve had help with motivation from my boyfriend Kyle. Even when I just don’t feel like doing anything, he gets me off my butt and we go workout. It really helps to have a workout buddy for a completely unmotivated person, like myself.

Eating healthy is important too. I’ve been making sure to eating my fruits and veggies everyday. I make a salad that will last me the entire week for lunch. I know I am not a big leafy-food eater, but I put sweet corn, garbanzo beans, black beans and carrots into my salad. I trick myself into eating healthy. Good luck to all of you with fitness goals this year!

I’ll be posting updates…

Rode to Moody Gardens and back!



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