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Top 13 Places To Eat in Galveston

Galveston Island Top 13 Places To Eat

With Mardi Gras coming up this weekend I thought I’d share some of my suggestions of the best places to eat on the island.

ShyKatZ Deli & Bakery

ShyKatZ is a breakfast place I only found out about recently; and I have been here for three years now. It’s all homemade food and it feels like you’re eating at Grandma’s house.  

Sunflower Bakery & Cafe

Sunflower’s baked goods have got to be one of the best things about this place. The food is amazing and it is always my #1 for breakfast food.

Bronco Burritos

Best Burritos around town. Unfortunately it is only open during the weekdays from 5am-Noon. Comfort food.

Gypsy Joynt

If you are looking for something different Gypsy is the place for you! Their lentil burger patties are to die for! The decor is very bohemian. They came down from Boston, MA and have since become one of my favorite places to eat on the Island.

Shrimp ‘N Stuff

Shrimp N’ Stuff now has three venues on the Island; one is a food truck located on the West End. Hole in the wall kind of place where the tourists and locals eat. My dad raves about this place.

Farley Girls Cafe

At Farley you will see many Med students, doctors and nurses because it is located right next to UTMB. There portion sizes are huge and the event space is very nice.

Queen’s Bar-B-Que

Queen’s is your typical Texas BBQ place, but so much better! There Smoked Turkey Cliffhanger with a jalapeno bun is the best! (And I don’t usually like BBQ or spicy).

Mama Teresa’s Flying Pizza

I’m originally from New Jersey and have a very picky palette for my pizza. Mamma’s has the best pizza down South I have ever eaten! They have great deals during the week for money off your wine, pasta and pizza. I would highly recommend!

The Original Mexican Cafe

Not only is The Original my #1 Mexican food place on the island, it also has the BEST margarita’s in town!

La King’s Confectionery

Best place for Ice Cream on the Island HANDS DOWN! Love it!

MOD Coffee & Tea House

MOD is the perfect place to go study and have a coffee. Outdoor seating provides a great opportunity for you to sit with your dog.

Stuttgarden Tavern

Stutt is a great place to hang out with your friends on the Strand. My favorite thing on their menu are there giant pretzels with gouda! There drinks are relatively low priced and on Thursdays (College Night) they have $4 Long Islands.



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